BDT / Banken- und Datentechnik

Industriestraße 65 ∙ 28876 Oyten
Tel.: +49 4207 910095 · Fax: +49 4207 7960

E-Mail: info@bdt-oyten.de

BDT - Ihr unabhängiges Systemhaus für Bankentechnik und POS-Systeme

Seit 1992 bietet BDT Hard- und Softwarelösungen für Banken sowie POS-Systeme inklusive Software für Industrie, Handel und Gastronomie.


BDT arbeitet mit folgenden Unternehmen zusammen :


Mactwin Security Specials

Mactwin Security Specials delivers products that solve today's and tomorrow's security challenges for cash in transit companies and banks. Our products make it less attractive and more difficult for criminals to commit crimes, and in the event a crime occurs, the expected pay-off for the criminal will be diminished to a minimum. We continuously strive to outsmart criminals with products that are adapted to and anticipate the latest modi operandi.

Depending on your specific situation and security needs, we offer tailor-made solutions that can be perfectly integrated with your current security systems and operational infrastructure. We can implement this integration for you and pride ourselves on going to great lengths to ensure outstanding performance of our products once they are in operation.


Please visit www.mactwinspecials.com for more information.